10 Interesting Facts about the Snapchat Founder & CEO – Evan Spiegel

  1. In 2015 at the tender age of 25 Evan Spiegel, the founder of Snapchat, became the world’s youngest self-made billionaire. With his boyish look he became the poster child for the Silicon Valley tech scene – smart, confident, innovative, yet embarrassingly ‘bro’-like.
  2. Much to his embarrassment, and in a Zuckerberg-ish kind of way, his college days emails resurfaced, painting a not-so-complimenting picture of a frat boy who is all about the F-bombs, women, and partying.
  3. He said no to Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, who tried to buy Snapchat for three billion dollars. Spiegel wanted to maintain his company and ideas and make Snapchat a giant just like Facebook.
  4. You may be surprised to learn that Spiegel is not a tech guy, but rather a designer. He met his partner, Bobby Murphy, at Stanford while attending product design degree. As a matter of fact, their first collaboration was when Murphy hired Spiegel to design a logo to one of his projects.
  5. It appears that Spiegel tapped into his generation mentality of disposable communication. Recent researches found that nearly half of US teens prefer Snapchat over other forms of social media. Who knows, maybe Spiegel will end up buying Facebook one day?
  6. While he can credit his college days for his collaborations and partnerships, he is in fact a college dropout. 2012, Evan left Stanford to focus on Snapchat shortly before completing his degree. 
  7. Spiegel is married to former Victoria’s Secret angel, Miranda Kerr, who revealed in an interview that contrary to his party-boy image – Spiegel was ‘very traditional’ and believed in sex after marriage.
  8. In February 2017, Spiegel and his partner pledged to donate upwards of 13,000,000 shares of Class A common stock over the next 15–20 years to an arts, education and youth non-profit.
  9. He shies away from the spotlight and doesn’t make many public appearances. While he could have a star-studded wedding, he and his then fiance, Kerr, opted for a private ceremony.
  10. Despite being self-made this is not a rags to riches story.Evan Spiegel comes from money, and his parents were Ivy League-educated lawyers who were massively successful. He enjoyed a cushy childhood, with large monthly allowances, expensive cars and vacations to exotic locations. He was raised in the glamorous Pacific Palisades area in Los Angeles and was already worth over $2 million before he formed a billion dollar company.


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